FULL MEMBERS have completed all training and satisfied all requirements of our basic certification process as outlined in our Policies and Proceedures. The BOARD OF DIRECTORS are Full Members who have been elected to govern and oversee the business of the 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.


  • Delinda VanneBrightyn, President - K9, GND, NMFC
  • Jon F. Wood, Vice President - GND, WAFA, NMFC
  • Carlie McGinnis, Secretary/Treasurer - BSE/LOG/OPS/COM, HAM, NMFC
  • Richard McCracken, Training Officer - TECH, GND, BSE/IC, HAM, NMFC
  • Brian Williams, Director - IC, BSE, SMB, NMFC, HAM
  • Kenton Pass, Director - GND, ATV, NMFC
  • Roy Dunlap, Director, - MD, K9, NMFC


  • L J Knowles - SWT, GND
  • Kit Keith - MD, EMT, BSE, GND, HAM, NMFC
  • Bob Lawrence - EMT, TECH, GND, SWT, HAM, NMFC
  • Jamie Wells - WFR, TECH, GND, NMFC
  • David Barger - GND, ATV, NMFC

Our team's medical protocols and scope of care is overseen by our MEDICAL DIRECTOR, keeping our members up-to-date with the latest standardized proceedures for safest care. A LIFETIME MEMBER is one who has served search and rescue in an extraordinary capacity and has been voted by the team to this membership level. An AUXILLARY MEMBER is no longer a full-time, active member, but continues to offer an auxillary specialty resource to the team in needed situations, whether in training or for actual mission response.


  • Jennifer Siegel - MD


  • Steve Andrus - NMFC
  • Del Dubois - SW, NMFC
  • Carl Gilmore - PARA, WMA Instructor
  • Barry Holfelder - TECH, NMFC
  • Richard McCracken - TECH, GND, BSE/IC, HAM, NMFC


  • Steve Harris - SW Specialist
  • Susan Nestor - MTD, WEMT
  • Mitch Miller - ARES, Communictions
  • Scott Martin - EMT, NMFC
  • Albert Ostlind - GND, WAFA, NMFC
  • Edwin Steimling - GND, WAFA, NMFC

Trainees have had their application screened and approved by the board. Trainees work toward Full Memebership by completing all required cerfication levels of participation and skill required by the SAR-Taos guidelines. As Trainees complete certain required portions of their certification, they may become Mission Ready and able to respond to missions while still working toward their Full Membership status.

  • Howard Schwartzman
  • Jim Hoffman
  • Blake Dunlap
  • Angelica Volkel
  • Carl Stewart
  • Parvati